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Channeled Branding: How to Use Intuition to Tell A Magnetic Story

If every brand starts as a vision, then every entrepreneur is a visionary. In the simplest terms, it requires a strong connection to one's intuition to create anything.

The lens which entrepreneurs tend to look through is purely logistical...focusing mostly on the "how". How will I meet the needs of my clients? How will I increase revenue? Of course these questions are important for any business to function...

But what if a little more time was spent with the what?

What am I creating? What exists within me already that I'm being called to bring into the light?

Perhaps the logistics and the mystical don't need to be mutually exclusive. Maybe infusing a little bit of magic and intention into the overall plan is exactly what will make a business thrive.

Intuition exists in everyone, receiving the messages that want to come through is just about getting very clear and intentional.

Here are some practical tips to channel brand stories and infuse any business with magic:

  • Get specific about the questions.

If a vision holds higher wisdom that can be should be treated as such! Vagueness begets vagueness. What brand questions are asking to be answered? What stories want to be told? By creating a list of questions, there is a vessel for answers to come through.

  • Create space to connect with the earth.

Grounding is an essential practice when it comes to clairvoyance (or clear seeing). We are all intuitive, however not all of us know how to use these tools. Often a message can be influenced by different energies in one's space, and accessing intuition is a practice. Part of the process is discerning which messages are truly from a higher place, and which are intrusive and harmful.

Find a space that feels peaceful and spend some time rooting into the earth. Imagine draining out all the excess and getting in tune with that grounded vibration. Breathe deeply and trust that the earth is always supportive.

  • Record dreams or use Morning Pages.

Dream states have a different consciousness that can serve as a door to intuition. Recording dreams immediately after waking up can help to blur the line between those two worlds (it can also help with lucid dreaming). Many messages will come through in this diminished state of consciousness, but there is a higher likelihood that they'll be forgotten if they're not recalled right away.

The concept of Morning Pages was derived from Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way, and is essentially a brain clearing that takes place first thing in the morning. Writing down all thoughts, however insignificant, can help to rid the mind of any cobwebs that might crowd one's headspace and get in the way of channeling.

  • Trust what comes through.

There's a reason that each entrepreneur has their own unique vision... the brand wants to be created through them specifically. One of the biggest challenges of owning a business, especially in the holistic wellness field, is imposter syndrome. It can be a major hurdle to feel a lack of worthiness as a channel for the brand vision.

Accessing intuition, creating a brand story, leaning into the work... all of these things rest at the seat of trust. Trust for oneself, trust that there is a reason this brand needs to be created and heard.

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