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“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” - anaïs nin

From the forest, to the tropics, to the desert, my journey has been about exploring far and wide. Throughout my travels I've gained a depth of understanding which I express in my own brand through design, imagery and written word. 

An underlying theme in each new phase of my life is the desire to amplify the light around me however I can. It is no coincidence that I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Master's in Communication. Together these disciplines inform my passion: helping people express authentically.

My soul searching has led me through a 200-hour yoga teacher certification, clairvoyant training and a year abroad in Thailand. 

Every experience has led me here, to create something of my own and help others do the same. It is because of my own journey that I'm able to help others through theirs. It is through the reclamation of my story that I can help healers own their unique voice. 

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